Kid’s Island is now offering New Menu options!

We are now a Peanut and Nut free environment! Please help keep all of our little friends with allergies safe and enjoy snacks from home prior to visiting! Thank You!

We do not allow outside food in the cafe due to heath regulations.  Please see us if your child has dietary restrictions. We offer many allergy friendly options.

COFFEE 12oz Free Refills

Regular Coffee  $2.25

Espresso $2.75

Cappuccino $3.75

Latte 12oz $3.95

Salted Caramel



Pumpkin Spice

Chai Tea

Organic Soy Milk  available $.75


Fiji Water

Stevs Organic Ice Tea

Organic Milk

Organic Chocolate Milk

Honest Kids Organic Juice Box

La Croix

Kid’s Meals $5.75

All meals include Organic Mott’s applesauce and serving of veggie straws (Package of Goldfish may be substituted)

Easy Peasey Grilled Cheesey (Organic Whole grain Wheat or white)

Golden Treasure Chicken Nuggets (All natural, antibiotic free)

Gluten Free Chicken Nuggets (Served with Pirates Booty instead of Goldfish)**Though we try our hardest to avoid cross contamination(changing gloves, separate pan) we can not guarantee cross-contamination will not occur**

Hot Diggity Dog

Sunbutter and Organic Jelly on Organic whole grain

Mac and Cheese Please! (Organic mac and cheese available on request $.75)

                                    ADULT MEALS $6.75

All meals include your choice of Sunchips or Pile of Veggie Straws

Grilled Panini with Sun-dried Tomato and Pesto spread and Provolone

Turkey, Mayo and Cheddar Grilled Panini

Pizza Panini with Mozzarella, Provolone and Marinara (Add Pepperoni $.50)

Black Forest Ham and Swiss Grilled Panini

Everything Bagel with Turkey and Cream Cheese

Classic Grilled Cheesey

Turkey Bacon Gauc on Toasted Organic Multi Grain

*Vegan Soy Cheese available upon request ($.75)



Bagel and Cream Cheese (Everything or Plain)


Organic String Cheese


Veggie Straws

Fruit Snacks

Mott’s Organic Applesauce

GoGo Squeeze Organic Flavored Applesauce

Organic Yogurt Tube

Pirate Booty

Gluten Free Coco Loco bar

Cliff Bar





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